We are a collective of end of life practitioners offering non-medical comforting & healing care to people in their end of life journey.

We work alone or in teams, being available as invited throughout your journey. We serve alongside other professionals complementing their practices by providing end of life holistic care. The presence of an end-of-life companion offers families and loved ones the opportunity to focus on what matters most.

“How we die and how we care for dying people, and who our dead are to us: these are what make us human. These are where our real culture is made, or lost. Dying is where we can plant our feet in the world and live. Dying is village making.‚ÄĚ – Stephen Jenkinson

What Is A Doula?

An End of Life Doula provides companionship, practical assistance, education and non medical support and services to the dying and their loved ones before, during and after death.


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