My Maple Tree

Contributor: Donna Spurr

My grandmother, Lola Spurr, lived her whole life in rural Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. She was a loving wise woman, who like many from the east coast, had a good sense of humor. A good trait to have when times get tough. Lola had her share of hard times; surviving two world wars and the depression of the 1930’s. Through all of this she was able to express and share the joys of life through her poems. The following poem I believe is one of her greatest gifts to us all. It is written about a beloved maple tree that stood for many years in the front yard of her home.”

My Maple Tree

I saw you bud in early Spring,
Your buds the brightest shade of green,
I saw your bright leaves spread and grow
And in the summer breezes blow.

I saw you change to red and gold,
Most glorious colours to behold.
A few short days and Autumn is o’er,
Your glorious colours are no more.

Each lovely leaf that drifted down
And came to rest upon the ground,
Will mould again in Mother Earth,
The place from which it came at birth.

My lovely maple teaches me
We are the leaves on God’s great tree,
And not the smallest leaf is lost,
When to the earth is gently tossed.
If leaves that fall are used again,
How great the use of souls of men.

Lola Spurr

“I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.”

~ Anne Frank

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